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Greetings from Daniel Maude
Canterbury Golf Club - PGA Golf Professional


Before we get started I'd just like to remind you of out Titleist and FootJoy custom fitting day on Monday 22nd.

We've teamed up with Titleist and FootJoy this month to bring you what we hope to be a cracking day for you. There will be no pressure sales that you see from the big retailers just an opportunity to experience whether or not the latest custom fitted equipment actually benefits your game.

We know that there's a lot of hype with everyone saying that you are going to gain a gazillion extra yards and turn you into a professional over night. The reality is Titleist will be great for some golfers and not so great for others. We put on these events to see what style of clubs and specification will actually help your game.

If you would like to come along then give us a call or drop an email to book your place.

Callaway Custom Fitting Day

If Titleist isn't for you then we have Callaway coming to see us on Monday 6th July 12:00 - 16:00. Appointments are going fast so get in touch sooner rather than later to get a spot. 

Pro's Roll-Up Group

I don't now if you are in the same boat but I've had a number of people come up to me over the past few months struggling to find people to play with, particularly new members and golfers just getting started in the game.

So I'm organising my very own roll up group.

If you are a new member or you have a handicap of 20+ then come a long to the first roll-up group on Saturday 27th June at 9:30. Here's what you can expect from the Pro's roll-up group:

  • Fun
  • Welcoming
  • Get a chance to meet people just like you
  • Friendly competition


Then come along for about 9:00. We will meet in the Pro Shop. If you could drop me an email (Click here) or give us a call to let me know you are coming that would be great.


Fit For Golf Classes- Tuesday 23rd 10:00 - 11:00

If you are looking at improving your strength and flexibility and improving your golf at the same time then come and join Lucy our strength and conditioning consultant. I will certainly be taking part. Cost is £9 per person. 

We've teamed up with Titleist and FootJoy this month to bring you what we hope to be a cracking day for you. If you are interested in giving them a try we'd be happy to book you an appointment with their fitting specialist. Some people find these days a little daunting at first but there is no need. The whole purpose is to help you improve your game and if this can be done by adding a club or two into your bag then great.

If I've sparked an interest check out all the details below.

Are you wearing the right size shoe? I doubt it!!!

FJ Shoe Fitting Day: Monday 22nd June
Time: 10:00 - 15:00

As a commitment to your game, we have teamed up with FJ #1 Shoe in Golf, to offer you the opportunity to be professionally shoe fitted by one of FJ's own Shoe Fitting experts. If you are not sure about your footwear and would like FJ to measure your feet, simply speak to one of us in the shop and we will be more than happy to book you a time slot.

Purchasing a new pair of shoes looks, on the surface, like an extraordinarily simple procedure. Everybody knows what size they are - don't they? The truth is our feet change size and shape over time and this highlights the importance of receiving a professional shoe fitting before purchasing a pair of new golf shoes.

You may be surprised to know how many of us are actually getting things wrong and not looking out for the right signs that a shoe is correctly fitted. You may also be shocked to hear that an ill-fitting shoe can have a dramatic effect on your golf. FJ have recently communicated that their statistics show that wearing the wrong size shoe can cause a power loss of up to 26%. When you calculate this into potential yardage loss, the obvious benefits of wearing the correct sized golf shoe is there for all to see.

Russell Lawes, FootJoy's European Marketing Manager explains: "Many golfers are adamant they know what size their foot is. However, from our years of consumer fitting we have discovered that in excess of 70% of all golfers are, in fact, wearing the wrong size golf shoe."

"In order to hit solid shots, golfers require a stable platform that allows them to easily transfer their weight through impact. A foot that moves in the shoe will reduce the stability, resulting in a loss of power."

So how can you tell if the shoes you're wearing are right for you or, in fact, the wrong size? Lawes says: "There are a couple of tell-tale signs that a golfer can look for themselves. Firstly, excess leather. If you can grab the leather across the forefoot the chances are the shoe it too wide. This bagging of the leather will eventually result in it looking over-creased. This creasing will eventually wear down the leather making the shoe susceptible to leaking. "Another test is 'The Whoosh' - when the foot enters the shoe a whoosh should be heard. This is the air inside the shoe being forced out, which is a good sign of a good fit. If the whoosh isn't heard the foot is not fully occupying the space inside the shoe, and as we have mentioned above, this is when issues will occur."

CES last chance

Complete Equipment Solution ends soon! 

Don’t miss out on this because it’s a fantastic opportunity for us to ensure your clubs are fitted for your own swing. We’re offering a FREE custom fitting and a COMPLIMENTARY lesson on hardware purchases through the bag. We’ll find the right clubs for you, fit them to your specification AND help you on your way with some coaching. 

Want to know more?

watch our video

I hope you enjoy the rest of the newsletter, have a great week.
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