Junior Membership
We are offering annual membership of 'Canterbury Junior Golf Academy'. We are forming this academy to help improve the service we are offering our junior golfers. There will be an increase in sessions available to attend and the annual fee will include:

- 7 Day Membership of Canterbury Golf Course
- Attend as many Roll Up sessions as you wish
- Attend as many Jamboree sessions as you wish
- 10% Discount on Holiday Golf Camps
- 25% Discount on Private Tuition
- Opportunity to gain a handicap
- Play competitions and games with other juniors

And here's what it all costs...

The price for this Junior Golf Academy has been split into age groups as the membership of the course price varies with age.

For Under 12's the total price will be £325 Saving £290!
For 12-15's the total price will be £365 Saving £290!
For 15-18's the total price will be £405 Saving £290!

Please note monthly payments are an option. Please contact us for more details.

The price will work on a pro-rata basis, however there is a 15% charge on this so it is a little more expensive. For example, if you wish to join an Under 12 at the beginning of September you will pay:

£325 divided by 12 = £27.08 per month
7 months x £27.08 = £189.56
£189.56 + 15% = £217.99

Joining Sessions as a Non-Member
If you feel at this stage joining the Academy is not for you... no problem, you can join any of our sessions as a non-member and the prices are as follows:

All Roll Up Sessions (Evening and Sundays) - £7.50
All Jamboree Sessions - £15.00
Holiday Golf Camps - £40
Private Tuition - £20 per Half Hour Lesson
- £100 for 7 Half Hour Lessons

Junior Group Sessions

We are running junior group sessions every Saturday's and Sunday's.

Saturday 10:00 - 11:00

Ages 5 - 9 year old. £5.

Saturday 11:00 - 12:00

Ages 10+. £5.

Please contact robert - robertjesus7272@gmail.com

Sunday 10:00 - 11:00

Ages 5 - 9 year old. £5.

Sunday 11:00 - 12:00

Ages 10+. £5.

Please contact Milo - milokingcgc@outlook.com

For any more information on anything regarding the Junior Academy at Canterbury Golf Club or to book your child on to these days, please contact Ben on 01227 462865, by email on benkingpga@hotmail.co.uk, or by clicking here.